Intro to Mountain Running: Terrain and Travel

Intro to Mountain Running will teach you everything you need to know to transport your running into the mountains. This course is for 10K runners and up who want to transition from the city trails into backcountry or alpine.

This course includes instruction on pre-trip planning and preparation; gear and equipment; light and fast movement in a variety of terrain types; nutrition and hydration; and recovery techniques to help prepare you for your next run. 

Runners should be comfortable running 10K to half-marathon distance but trail and/or mountain experience isn't required.

This course is intended to be educational and to introduce runners to the experience of travel in steep, technical terrain. This course prepares runners to take trips in the mountains on their own or to participate in one of our other trail running retreats such as Kananaskis Weekend or Yoho Daytrip.

WHERE: Bill Warren Training Centre, Nordic Centre Provinical Park, Canmore, AB

WHen: June 4, 2016 9am - 4pm 

$125 / PERSON

Workshop details

The day starts with a classroom component which introduces participants to key concepts in mountain travel and teaches everything one needs to know in order to research and plan a trip and pack appropriately. Discussion includes topics such as avoiding and encountering wildlife and a look at some specialized mountain running gear.

The outdoor component resembles a "follow the leader" format where your leader is a mountain goat and you have the liberty to trip and fall, ask questions, or play around in any given terrain as much as you'd like. The goal is to experience moving quickly in different kinds of alpine terrain in order to start the process of becoming a mountain goat yourself!

We will return to the Nordic Centre and have dinner in Canmore for those who want.


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