Choose the session that best suits what you are looking for and send us an email at to discuss pricing. 

In-Person Run Coaching Session

It can be difficult to identify flaws in your own running form without the proper analysis of a fitness professional. If you live in Edmonton, Alberta, an in-person coaching session is the most effective way to improve your running. Your coach will be able to identify flaws in your running mechanics, posture and more, and be able to guide you through specific run workouts that may be difficult to complete on your own.

Strength & Conditioning Session

Improving your running requires more than just running. Strength & conditioning and flexibility are both key training components that are often overlooked. MSF offers one-on-one personal training sessions that will be geared towards making you a more efficient and stronger runner.

Run Buddy Program

If you are someone who has a love for running, but isn't interested in structured training, the run buddy program is perfect for you. MSF offers a run companion program whether you are looking for accountability, motivation, safety, or socialization.

All abilities and ages are welcome!